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Flat Priority USPS Shipping to USA. $9 shipping up to $74.99, $5 shipping at $75+.
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About Us

If you’re reading this, then you’ve obviously stumbled upon something that is None of Your Business! Just kidding, here is a little more about me. I'm from Southwestern PA and have both a Graphic Design and MBA degree. I have earned a paycheck doing everything from Deli Cashier (Sanso’s Italian Deli I see you!) to Business Analyst, and in many departments from Design to Operations, and a few more along the way. Whether crunching numbers or designing brochures, books, or logos, I've cherished my jobs and career paths, but still yearned for joy in simply doing what I love: creating things and helping others. They say in life it’s never too late to start over, and you can’t have reward without risk, so why not try to start a small business during a global pandemic at the end of 2020?!

If I'm not out with my dogs (Geno & Sid) you can find me listening to music, watching quality movies and shows, pulling pranks, laughing it up with my friends, or most likely laughing at poop jokes (they’re always funny no matter what age you are). Oh, and swearing. I swear quite a bit, so fair warning. (My grandma is 100% Sicilian it's just in my blood.)

I hope that the love and joy that I've committed to this business and have put into it is shown every time you use one of our products. Whether it puts a smile on your face, gives a friend who just received a product as a gift a laugh, or puts love in the hearts of you and your loved ones, I call that a win.