Flat Priority USPS Shipping to USA. $9 shipping up to $74.99, $5 shipping at $75+.
Flat Priority USPS Shipping to USA. $9 shipping up to $74.99, $5 shipping at $75+.
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You’re a Mean One, Mister Grinch

I was going to include some more lyrics but have you ever searched the full lyrics of this song?! Lol Dr. Seuss was wild as hell. 

October 3rd is officially Mean Girls day/the day that USPS decides to put on their furry green suits and continue to raise prices for the holiday season. They increased earlier this year too, and I wanted to let it go and see how things worked out. With the balance of what I pay vs what customers pay creeping to a 40% overall switch, I have no choice but to try and account for that a teensy bit. To minimize the impact to customers on 10/3/2021 I’m going to adjust shipping as follows:

$0-74.99 - $9 flat rate

$75+ - $5 flat rate

As a consumer (and unit cost advocate) I am the biggest sucker for free shipping, because most times it’s a steal for the customer, and means more items to one box for the retailer so can be a win-win. I’ve chosen to send all candles priority via USPS because no one wants to wait for their products, and it includes insurance should they get lost or damaged in the process. I’ve chosen heavy, quality jars, so first-class is almost as much based on the average weights of orders anyways. 

Let’s see how this goes and what happens to shipping prices at the start of 2022 and I will adjust again as needed. Thanks in advance for understanding, and as usual I hope you are loving all of the products! 



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