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Upcycle That Container!

Once your candle is finished, you can reuse or "upcycle" any jar or tin for lovely decorations around your house. Whether it’s to plant succulents, store your crystals or gemstones, buttons, loose nails or screws, or even in your bathroom for q-tips and cotton balls, we hope that these beautiful jars will share a place in your homes for years to come. 

When your candle has finished burning, and is COMPLETELY cooled off (tins and jars should be completely cool to the touch and at room temperature), there are a couple of tricks to use when cleaning. If you have a remaining layer of wax at the bottom, simply place the container in the freezer for 15-60 minutes. The cold will allow the wax to contract and loosen from the container itself. Once the container has warmed back up to room temp, if there is residue along the sides or bottom, simply use some dish soap and very warm water to rinse and wipe out all residue with a paper towel. 

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