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That Looks Funny - Natural Soy Wax Properties

I just burned my candle, and what on earth happened to that beautiful smooth top finish?! Below are some things you might experience after you burn your natural soy wax candles. 

Frosting, Pitting, & Hangups: Frosting is a term used to describe the white crystalline layer that sometimes forms when an all natural plant or vegetable wax tries to return to its original state. This does not affect the performance of a candle at all, and is a visual indicator that you’re using an all natural plant wax. Pitting, a layer of rough, bumpy texture, that may occur after your first or subsequent burns. This occurs naturally in all soy waxes as the melt pool cools and solidifies at different rates. Just like frosting, this does not affect the candle in any way, it’s just a sign that an all natural plant wax is being used. Hangups is the term used to refer to small bits of wax that may remain around the edges of your container after an early burn, but don't worry! After your subsequent burns, typically on burns 2-4, as your wax melts down and reveals more of the container, it will also burn a bit warmer and will clean up any hangups you might've seen early on.

Please keep in mind, we are making all products by hand including labeling all containers, and pouring all candles and wax melts by hand. If you see some imperfections like frosting, slight pitting after a burn, off centered labels, etc. rest assured that none of this will impact the final result of your product(s). Our first and foremost vision is to provide all of our customers with quality products, so we would love to hear any and all feedback from you as you use our products--whether it’s the hot throw, burn time, packaging, or designs, we’re going to continually educate ourselves, learn new things, adapt, and evolve as a brand. 

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